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Posted on: March 08 2008 by John Barry

3600’ Selectable 1, 2, or 3 kW

Network Fish Finders      
Turn your NavNet 3D display into a powerful, dual-frequency fish finder with one of our Network Sounders. They connect directly to your NavNet 3D display or an Ethernet hub with a single Ethernet cable. Also works with VX2.

Furuno’s new BBFF3 high power, network sounder is your key to finding more fish. This network fish finder connects directly to a NavNet display or an Ethernet hub with a single Ethernet cable. If it is connected to an Ethernet hub that has multiple displays attached, each of those displays will have access to the fish finder features.

The unit itself can be configured as a 1, 2 or 3 kW RMS output, dual frequency sounder. You may choose low frequency, high frequency or both at the touch of a key and obtain detailed echoes of bottom structure and fish using phased range scales up to 2,400 meters. It also utilizes Furuno’s Free Synthesizer (FFS) transceiver which means you can easily select from a broad range of frequencies.

The BBFF3 turns any NavNet display into one of the most powerful fish finders available on the market today. And because it is being used on a NavNet display, you can split the screen with other NavNet features like: Radar, Chart Plotter, NavData and even Video, depending on which NavNet unit you have.

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