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NavNet 3D

The new NavNet 3D System Explained

Posted on: February 17 2008 by John Barry

NavNet 3D is causing a lot of buzz around here. Furuno has always made great marine electronics. As competitors like NorthStar and RayMarine introduce ever changing line ups of the latest mouse trap, Furuno has steadfastly maintained product integrity and compatibility. With the introduction of NavNet 3D, Furuno has leap frogged the competition. The functionality is vastly improved, the look is phenomenal, and as usual it’s built tough. But the thing that really makes this product revolutionary is the software. Yeah, well it’s got built in charts for the USA, We’ve seen this from Garmin and others. But these charts are not Cmap or Navionics, they’re not vector or raster, rather the are assembled from all of these. With satellite images of land and sea bottom, the presentation sets a new standard in chartplotters. Situational awareness is excellent with zero redraw zoom, Like Google Earth. This Time Zero feature means the picture never disappears to be redrawn, but is redrawn continuously in real time.

The displays come in 2 sizes, 8 and 12 inches. There is also a black box version for use with a monitor. The radar antennas that come with these is a Digital Marine Radar. This is the biggest advance in radar for at least a decade. These new Furuno UHD Radars are not compatible with any other Furuno products. They hook up with a power cord and an ethernet wire to the antenna. It plugs into the hub. This is a network device now. There is also the network sonar, which is the same as NavNet VX2, that is the DFF1 of DFF3. So if you have an existing NavNet system that includes a Network Sounder, it should work with 3D. You will have to change the radar though. The Sirius Weather Service Module is also a network device. With the new network hub, power on and off fuctions are seamless between stations. No master slave displays. If the network is on, any display can turn on or off the system. Add this functionality to the ease of use of the click wheel and software and you have the finest Chartplotter/MultiFunctionDisplay/Radar/Fishfinder/Weather Sensor/Engine Readout. If you are looking for the best new system, this is it.

To select a system, the best thing is to call us, 847-746-0100, John Barry. All the cables have changed in this new generation. The hub must be the Furuno for full functionality. There is a PB150 weather Sensor that senses wind, true and apparent, temperature, pitch and yaw, and a lot more. This is another new technology breakthrough. A wind sensor with no moving parts. Between add ons and displays, and integration to video, these systems can get complex, so call 847-746-0100 and we’ll send you the right stuff, first time.

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