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Why Technical Marine Support?

Posted on: November 24 2010 by John Barry


Technical Marine Support stands behind every sale with our capable service department. Box movers don’t know the pointy end from the stern. If you want to deal with a knowledgeable professional for your marine electronics purchases, Technical Marine Support is ready to serve your needs.

We are an authorized dealer for all the products that we sell. Manufacturers often exclude from warranty products purchased from unauthorized sources. Technical Marine Support is your partner in any warranty issues that arise. We have the expertise and connections to resolve failures and installation problems quickly. We can bench test your equipment, often for free, and eliminate many issues without the need to wait for factory service.

So whether you need a simple product or a complex system, you can count on Technical Marine Support to deliver the best products quickly and completely. We have been on the docks for decades and it is this real world experience that makes the difference. We will show up at your boat if necessary to resolve a problem. Ask any of our competitors if they can do that!

We ship products the same day if the order is received before noon Central Time. Troubleshooting help and product support is available during daylight hours. We strive for excellence in everything that we do. When buying marine electronics, trust Technical Marine Support to deliver the best.

Customer Service

Posted on: August 18 2009 by John Barry

Sue…THANK YOU!!!! You are the best!!! We appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to help us with this matter…we will definitely do business with your company in the future and will recommend you to all our friends.


Posted on: August 18 2009 by John Barry

I wanted to thank you for the great service after the sale. It’s nice to buy from a company who understands and knows their products. You gave us a great deal on the Autopilot and even better technical service after the sale, a customer couldn’t ask for more… The sales transaction was very smooth and the follow-up tracking number was top notch, please thank everyone for a fine job in getting the unit to us in short order.
You definitely have my marine electronics business, good prices and great friendly service.

I sea-trialed the boat today and the AP14R worked flawlessly, it navigated using both GPS waypoint commands and in manual, held course beautifully.

Another Satisfied Customer

Posted on: February 03 2009 by John Barry

Hi John,

I just want to thank you so much for all of your help in outfitting my new sportfishing boat with the latest in marine electronics. With so many marine electronics dealerships on the Southern OuterBanks of NC, I’m still amazed that you in Wisconsin were able to get me the brand new Furuno NavNet 3D system before any of them and at a much better price. Actually your prices on everything were much better than the rest. Your service and support since then have been impeccable.

With the boat now staying in Bermuda, albeit far away from you, I know I can rely on you for the best in service and support for the all my present electronics and supply of future marine electronics. Thanks again!

Kind regards,

Mattanza Sportfishing Ltd.

61 Sun Seeker

Posted on: September 14 2008 by John Barry

Thanks for updating my Furuno Equipment. Keeping the radar is great. Now I have the latest versions and everything and it all matches and talks. I would recommend Technical Marine anytime.

Recommended Products

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