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Water is Wet

Posted on: August 08 2008 by John Barry

For many boaters, the water around their boat is the only water they see. But there is water inside the boat too. Marine electronics are not immune to water. When installing marine electronics on a boat, careful consideration should be made of this. Many pieces are waterproof, like the displays at your helm. Generally, these units can take direct rain and even standing water sometimes. A helm station cover is a good idea anyway. This will keep not only water but sunlight off of your valuable helm displays. But as most boaters know, the display is only part of the marine electronics system.

Many products have modules, that is black boxes that live out of sight in your boat. Most people know where the installer has placed these modules. The most common module is the autopilot computer or brain box. Other modules are also in widespread usage. These include VHF transceivers, Sonar modules, Weather Service Modules, Network Hubs and many more. Ideally, these modules are installed in a dry location inside the vessel. It is essential that these modular type “brains” be protected from the elements.

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