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Announcing Raymarine's Newest Rebate Offers!

Posted on: May 06 2008 by John Barry

Check out the latest rebate offers from Raymarine! You can save up to $1000 on select Raymarine Thermal Night Vision Cameras and  $150 on the new e7/e7D series. See Rebate Central for complete details!

Technical Marine Support Inc. is pleased to announce the latest rebate offer from Simrad Yachting.  This great rebate offer will run between February 16 and April 30, 2012.  See Rebate Central for complete details!

Technical Marine Support Inc. is pleased to add the new 4G Broadband Radar to our extraordinary lineup.  Units will be available to ship beginning November 2011. Pre-order your Simrad 4G Broadband Radar or B&G 4G Broadband Radar today to be the first in your marina to have this great radar!

Simrad and B&G have pioneered a new standard of dome radar, first with the award-winning BR24, and more recently with the Broadband 3G™ Radar. The latest innovation from Simrad and B&G breaks even our high standards. Simrad and B&G now offer two Broadband Radar choices; the outstanding Broadband 3G™ Radar and the brand-new, truly exceptional Broadband 4G™ Radar.

The Furuno 2011 FREEbate Event is on, with huge cash savings up to $1,000 on the most popular Furuno products.

What is a FREEbate? Between July 6 and November 30, 2011, purchase a NavNet 3D MFD8, MFD12 and/or MFDBB Multi- Function Display, and Furuno will not only send you a CASH REBATE, but we’ll also include a voucher for one FREE MM3D Chart (valued at $300) for each MFD you purchase. That’s a total value of up to $900 in FREE Charts on top of a generous Cash Rebate of up to $1,000! That’s the Furuno FREEbate! Visit Rebate Central for more details and official rebate form.

Furuno USA and Technical Marine are excited to announce immediate availability of the new BBWX2 Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver for NavNet 3D and NavNet vx2 (C-MAP versions).  In addition to all the great weather data and entertainment content delivered by this new product, the BBWX2 also provides a fully integrated 10Mbps/100Mbps 4-Port Ethernet Switch/Hub. A fifth port (hidden) is utilized by the BBWX2 itself, while the four external ports are fully compatible to interconnect a NavNet 3D or vx2 network, along with applicable Ethernet peripherals (i.e. DFF1, FA50, SC30). When utilized in a NavNet 3D network, the BBWX2 incorporates full Power Synchronization Switch Control functionality. In many installations, this will eliminate the need to purchase and integrate an external Ethernet Switch/Hub. Additionally, Sirius Satellite Radio Entertainment Services are available and controllable from all NavNet 3D systems.  Buy yours today from Technical Marine for the great low price of only $679

Technical Marine Support and B&G are pleased to announce the release of the new Zeus Multi Function Displays.  A multifunction navigation system designed for racing and offshore cruising sailboats, the B&G Zeus allows the total control and display of performance and navigation information.  The Zeus system is available in two display sizes, the 8 inch Z8 and the 12 inch Z12.  The Zeus systems should be available December, 2010.  Technical Marine will post pricing and more information as it becomes available.

Effective August 9, 2010, all NavNet vx2 NT version displays and processor units will be shipped with version 80.01,07 software. This new software corrects for unusually slow redraw times when using new C-MAP chart cards. At this time, Navionics software is unchanged.  Current software and instructions can be downloaded from the Furuno USA website for free or ordered in an SD Card format from Technical Marine Support Inc. for $25.

We are proud to announce the addition of MaxSea Time Zero software. With TimeZero Navigator, MaxSea offers an entry-level system developed for the US market. You can connect your GPS and autopilot, download/overlay weather, and perform advanced planning. You can begin using Navigator right out of the box with free, detailed raster and vector charts for the U.S. that are included on DVDs. Note: Current MaxSea customers can acquire MaxSea TimeZero at a discounted price. View MaxSea Time Zero Software for complete details.

Do you have the most current software for your equipment? Contact Technical Marine Support at 847-746-0100 to see if you are up to date!

FLIR cameras are a great addition to the boat that has everything. The night vision cameras deliver stunningly clear images in zero light situations. This is the type of image you may have seen on nigh time police surveillance footage. Now that FLIR is offering these products to the marine market, these cameras will become essential safety devices. For night time usage, this gives a more useful image than radar! During the day, glare is eliminated, allowing you to cruise right at the sun without a blind spot. When used in conjunction with radar, vessel safety is greatly enhanced. When you talk about situational awareness, it doesn’t get any better that FLIR. Call 847-746-0100 to find out more about this protected military technology.

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