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    • Commercial Products and Services

      Commercial Products and Services

       Technical Marine sells the finest commercial marine electronics equipment available anywhere in the world.  From basic navigation and radar to fully compliant SOLAS vessels, Technical Marine delivers safety and efficiency that are the hallmarks of...


  • Government Products and Services

    Government Products and Services

     Technical Marine understands the special needs of government clients.  The marine division of some entities is obscure and misunderstood.  Whether your needs are law enforcement, search and rescue, survey, transportation or special purposes, let us...


  • Recreational Products and Services

    Recreational Products and Services

     Recreational vessels have a special place in the boat business. There is nothing quite as fun as messing around in boats.  The lure of the sea and the draw of the allure, cause some unprepared...


  • Technical Marine Institute

    Technical Marine Institute

     The Technical Marine Institute was founded in 2012 to serve the education and training needs of the marine industry.  Our mission revolves around technology and its' use as a safety and management tool for marine...


  • Recommended Products

    Technical Marine Support recommends these products based on Reliability and Performance: