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    • Furuno GP32 GPS Navigator

      Furuno GP32 GPS Navigator

      Compact in size, waterproof, yet big on power, features and performance, Furuno's GP32 is perfect for a wide range of smaller fishing boats and pleasure craft. This advanced unit, based on the popular GP31, provides...


  • Furuno GP150 GPS 6 in. Mono LCD Navigator

    Furuno GP150 GPS 6 in. Mono LCD Navigator

    FURUNO GP150 is a GPS navigator designed for the SOLAS ships according to the GPS performance standard IMO Res MSC.112(73) and associated IEC standards effective on and after July 1, 2003. It is a highly...


  • Furuno GP33 GPS Navigator

    Furuno GP33 GPS Navigator

     Compact in size, yet big on features and performance, the FURUNO GP33 is the perfect GPS navigator for a wide range of vessels. This advanced unit provides accurate and reliable position fixing, thanks to a...


  • Furuno BBWGPS GPS Sensor

    Furuno BBWGPS GPS Sensor

    The Furuno BBWGPS GPS Sensor is a top notch choice for a WAAS/GPS Receiver Antenna.  With it's simple, straight forward installation and compatibility with Furuno's NavNet VX2 and 3D lines of marine multi function displays,...


  • Furuno GP330B GPS Receiver

    Furuno GP330B GPS Receiver

    The Furuno GP330B NMEA2000 GPS/WAAS Antenna for NavNet 3D is a 12 dedicated channel GPS/WAAS receiver that provides accurate and repeatable position fixing to the entire network.  Simply connect the antenna to any NavNet 3D...


  • Maretron GPS/WAAS Antenna/Receiver

    Maretron GPS/WAAS Antenna/Receiver

    Maretron's GPS100 provides reliable position fixes 10 times per second, accurate boat speed four times per second, and precision time once per second. The GPS100 antenna/receiver is a plug-and-play device that is fully compliant and...


  • Simrad GS15 GPS Antenna

    Simrad GS15 GPS Antenna

      High Speed 5 Hz GPS Antenna provides even greater accuracy and performance Advanced 5Hz performance with a true update rate of 5 times per second for best in class position data during acceleration and...


  • B&G ZG50 GPS Antenna for use w/Zeus Series

    B&G ZG50 GPS Antenna for use w/Zeus Series

     B&G ZG50 GPS Antenna for use w/Zeus Series Z8 and Z12 Multi Function Displays


  • GeoNav GPS 50 50-Channel GPS Antenna

    GeoNav GPS 50 50-Channel GPS Antenna

    GeoNav GPS 50 50-Channel GPS Antenna  Give your Integrated Multi-Function Display or Multi-Function Display the best possible signal reception, regardless of the seas or weather, with this powerful, 50-channel WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver. Durable construction ensures reliable performance day in...


  • Raymarine Raystar 130 GPS Sensor

    Raymarine Raystar 130 GPS Sensor

      RS130 SeaTalkng External GPS Sensor Self contained external GPS antenna/sensor. Ideal for below deck applications that may require an external GPS. 50 channel GPS provides fast acquisition times. SeaTalkng compatible and supplied with a...


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