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Chartplotters Explained

Todays marine electronics include chartplotters with awesome capabilities. A marine chartplotter is an electronic chart display that has your boat on it. Of all the marine electronics that are found on todays boats, the chartplotter is probably the most often used. Like marine radar, chartplotters come in an array of sizes. Like a TV, bigger is usually better. A large easy to view display is necessary for this critical navigation device. The primary function of a marine chartplotter is to let you know where you are. It will also tell you about where you are going if you tell it where you want to go. So entering a destination is the main functionality that a marine chartplotter adds to your vessel. With system integration, chartplotters now display marine radar, sonar, weather, engine gauges and more. Marine electronics have converged around the multi function display or MFD. These typically start as a marine chartplotter and have marine radar etc. added to them. With the complexity of marine electronics installations comes ease of use and better situational awareness. Safety is enhanced greatly by marine chartplotters.

Recommended Products

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