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Furuno Systems

Furuno Multi Function Displays come in two different lines. The VX2 equipment is the tried and proven line, with 7, 10, and BB units, that display Radar, Sonar, Chart and Video. The newer Furuno 3D line includes 8, 12, and BB units, with Ultra High Definition radars and State of the Art digital sonars. These two systems represent the heart of Furunos’ pleasure boat line up. When choosing a Multi Function Sytem from Furuno, start with the display, then add Radar, Sonar and other accessories on to it.

Furuno Nav Net 3D

The eight inch MFD8 and the twelve inch MFD12 are the two standard displays. The MFDBB is a black box processor that requires a Monitor for operation. The MFDBB has twice the clock speed

Recommended Products

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