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Hooking up a Raymarine 125 GPS to C or E series

The Raymarine 125 GPS Sensor can speak either Seatalk or NMEA. For C, E, and any Seatalk Raymarine device, hook the green and red from the sensor to the red from the displays Seatalk connector. Then yellow to yellow, bare(or black) to bare. The three wire connection goes straight into the back of the E or C Series. It is common to rig the GPS Sensor to the pilot brain or even the pilot display or else where on the Sea Talk bus.

Just put the Christmas colors together from the sensor(red and green). This makes it Sea Talk, Raymarine’s language. For NMEA operation, the green wire is hooked to ground(bare). Data and Data Common are taken from sheild (black) and yellow, just like Seatalk.

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