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Marine Satellite TV Explained

Satellite TV consists of a dish and a receiver. Either Direct TV or Dish Network offer the service. 110V vs. 12V operation. One of the problems with TV on boats is that the satellite providers are changing things. HD service in a home now uses up to five satellites simultaneously. On a boat, the dishes track only one satellite at a time. So the bottom line is that HD service on a boat is problematic. Remember that unless you have a 40” or bigger TV, it is difficult to distinguish between HD and standard definition TV.

So, at least for now, I am avoiding HD reception on boats. Intellian makes the best HD reception system, but does not offer receivers. KVH offers complete packages with receivers, but HD is expensive and complicated.

Standard Definition TV is much easier and we have a special pricing on Sat TV systems right now. If you want to do more than one TV on your boat, you must decide if you can simply repeat what is on the main TV or if you need separate receiver for the kids and parents to watch different programming.

If you have an existing TV antenna for off the air reception, you will find that it can work fairly well now with the new digital transmissions put out by the television broadcast networks. Things have improved dramatically in this respect.

Recommended Products

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