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About TMS

Ray Marine SeaTalk

Ray Marines Sea Talk system is a bus system. This means that everything hooks up in parallel, red to red, yellow to yellow and black(or screen) to black(or screen). Whatever Seatalk device you hook to the bus, sends and receives data from the bus. This means that a depth sounder will supply depth to a chartplotter and a GPS will supply lat and lon to the depth finder and chartplotter and whatever else is “on the bus” listening for GPS.

All of this adds up to simple wiring for Seatalk devices. Remember that the 12 volt supply on the bus must be sufficient to run the load, since many devices draw their power form the bus. When “refreshing” power on a Seatalk network, make sure that the same battery is supplying both sources of power used on the bus. Otherwise, you will “un-isolate” your batteries.

Recommended Products

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