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Simrad Rebates

Technical Marine is proud to announce the latest rebate offer from Simrad Yachting!

Between February 16 and April 30, 2012 you could save up to $300 in mail in rebates on the following Simrad products:

LSS-1 Structure Scan Imaging Module, plus any Simrad NSE or NSS Display            $300.00 Rebate

Broadband 3G or 4G Radar, plus any Simrad NSE or NSS Display                           $300.00 Rebate

BSM-1 or BSM-2, plus any Simrad NSE or NSS Display                                            $300.00 Rebate

LSS-1 Structure Scan Imaging Module                                                                         $150.00 Rebate 

Broadband 3G or 4G Radar                                                                                          $150.00 Rebate

BSM-1 or BSM-2 Broadband Sounder Module                                                            $150.00 Rebate

Rebates are on these products and part numbers listed above only.  No exceptions will be made.  No more than one rebate offer can be applied to each product purchased.

Official Rebate Form coming soon!

    Recommended Products

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