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B&G 4G Broadband Radar Kit


Broadband 4G™ Radar - Features

  NEW Beam Sharpening Broadband 4G™ Radar is the only dome radar in the world to employ beam sharpening, which allows you to control the level of target separation, so you can see the sharpest images possible when you need them most.

NEW More Range 
50% more true range than Broadband 3G™ Radar. Now you can see crystal clear targets up to 32nm away and inside strong storm cells more than 17nm away.

      True Motion Display 
Easily distinguish moving targets from land with
  NEW Dual Range 
Capable of displaying Dual Range radar combination when combined with an NSE or NSO system. Monitor targets from 200 feet to 32nm from a single dome.
Solid-state technology produces an immediate,
accurate on-screen image unlike normal warm-up
times associated with magnetron pulse radars.
  New High Speed Mode 
Select 48 RPM* for almost instant updating at less than 1nm 
*48rpm currently available on NSE, NSO and Zeus units only
      Low Power Consumption 
Ideal for boats of any size, sail, cruise or fish.
  MARPA Target Tracking 
Track up to 10 targets. Track up to 10 targets as standard or up to 20 in Dual Range mode with independent control.
      Automatic Clarity 
Proven auto harbour and offshore modes including
directional clutter rejection.
  Quick Installation 
No reason to open the dome, no tune or zero mile adjustment, and no radar-licensed technician required
      Extremely Low Emissions 
Safer than any other radar currently on the market and emitting less radiation than a mobile phone allowing it to be mounted anywhere.
  Dual Guard Zones 
Protect yourself from more angles

Broadband 4G™ Radar

Broadband 4G™ Radar delivers 50% more true range than Broadband 3G™ Radar. Now you can see crystal clear targets up to 32nm away and inside strong storm cells more than 17nm away. See comparison table below for typical maximum distances that hard targets can be seen in good propagation conditions.

Typical maximum range in good propagation conditions**

Target height (ft)
Radar Horizon (nm)
Broadband 3G™ Radar Broadband 4G™ Radar
Marine Targets        
Long coastline with 100m high cliffs 300 21.3 13-25nm+ 19-25nm+
High density urban coastline 150 15.1 8-15nm 11-19nm+
Forest covered coastline gently sloping to 250m 750 33.7 5-10nm 8-15nm
Low lying suburban coastline 150 15.1 5-10nm 8-15nm
Large container ship (ship dependent) 100 12.3 10-17nm+ 13-17nm+
Low lying coastline < 50m, dense vegetation 100 12.3 4-8nm 6-11nm
Small low lying island 50 8.7 2.5-5nm 4-7nm
Medium size power boat 13 4.4 1.3-2.6nm 2-3.5nm
Channel markers with radar reflectors 10 3.9 1.3-2.6nm 2-3.5nm
Small power or sail boat 13 4.4 0.7-2nm 1-3nm
Small marker buoy with no reflector 10 3.9 0.25-0.7nm 0.25-1nm
Sandbars 1 5.7nm 0.2-0.6nm 0.3-0.9nm
Kayak 300-800ft 6 3.0 300-800ft 300-800ft
Birds 160-500ft 100 12.3 160-500ft 160-500ft
Wide weather front with heavy rain.      8-15nm 9-17nm
Dense rain cell 100mm/hr      7-13nm 8-15nm
Heavy shower 25mm/hr     2.5-5.5nm 3-6nm
Light rain     1.3-2.6nm 1.5-3nm


Ranges above with Radome height of 13ft/4m

*4G - Single range with noise reduction = high

**Above data is typical target distances that can be seen. These are not guaranteed.

Broadband 4G™ Radar - Specifications

Characteristic Technical Data
General MODEL NAME: 4G
Compliance CE/R&TTE
IC (ID: 4697A-3G4G)
Operating Temperature: -25°C (-13°F) to +55°C (+130°F)
Relative humidity: +35°C (95°F), 95% RH
Waterproof: IPX6
Relative wind velocity 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots)
Power consumption Operating: 20W (typ.) @ 13.8Vdc (21W in dual range mode)
Standby: 2.9W
DC input (at end of radar cable) 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems).
Reverse polarity protection
Minimum startup voltage 10.8Vdc
Transmitter Source (pre-heating time) Instant On™ (No magnetron)
Outside dimensions Height: 280mm (11.02") x Diameter: 489mm (19.28")
Scanner Weight (no cable) 7.4 kg (16.31 lbs)
Radar and Antenna Parameters  
Radar Range 50m (200ft) to 66km (36nm) with 18 range settings
(nm/sm/km) – single and dual range mode (independent)
Rotation 24/36/48rpm ±10% (mode and MFD model dependent)
Transmitter frequency X-band: 9.3GHz to 9.4GHz
Transmitter source (warm-up time) No Magnetron – all solid state. Instant On™
Plane of polarization Horizontal Polarization

Transmitter peak power output

165mW (nominal – at antenna port)
Main Bang Dead Zone & Tuning None (not a pulse radar)
Sea and Rain Clutter 3-5 x less than a pulse radar
Sweep Repetition Frequency 200 – 540Hz (mode dependent)
Sweep Time 1.3ms ±10%
Sweep Bandwidth 75 MHz max
Horizontal Beam width (Tx and Rx antenna) 5.2° ±10% (-3dB width)
Effective beam width Adjustable between 2.6° and 5.2° with target separation control (Simrad, B&G). 2.6° (Lowrance)
Vertical Beam width (Tx and Rx antenna) 25° ±20% (-3dB width)
Side lobe level (Tx and Rx antenna) Below -18dB (within ±10°); Below -24dB (outside ±10°)
Noise figure Less than 6dB
Com Protocol High Speed Ethernet (100Base-T)
Heading NMEA2000 / SimNet with supplied RI10 interface box; or
NMEA0183 with optional RI11 interface box
Inter Connecting cable length Lowrance: 10m (33ft)
Simrad, B&G: 20m (65.6ft)
Maximum Inter Connecting cable length 30m (98.5ft) – available as option
Bolts (4) M8x30 - 304 stainless steel
Footprint W=233mm (9.17") (port / starboard) x L=141.5mm (5.57")
(matches Garmin GMR18HD / Raymarine RD218 footprint)
Compatible Displays  
Lowrance Lowrance HDS – 5", 7", 8". 10"
Simrad Simrad NSO/NSE / NSS; Use 3G for NX series
B&G B&G ZEUS 8, Zeus 10

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