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FLIR M-324XP Single Payload M-Series Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR M-324XP Single Payload M-Series Thermal Imaging Camera is a valuable tool for every boater's arsenal.  The FLIR M-324XP is a waterproof, thermal night vision camera that allows the mariner to navigate safely at night.  The M-324XP adds safety and security to your vessel.

 While the FLIR Navigator II set the standard for thermal imaging in maritime applications, the M-324XP feature set provides boaters with a truly superior product.

M-324XP Key Features include:

  • 45% greater range compared with Navigator II
  • Network ready Internet Protocol (IP) command and control
  • 360 Degree continuous Pan & 90 Degree tilt with proportional control
  • Ball-up and ball-down mounting
  • Ergonomic M-Series Joystick Control Unit (JCU)
The M-Series was designed for reliability.  The design phase included grueling cycles of Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), and qualification testing that included multiple rounds of shock and vibration, strong water jets from a fire hose, thermal, humidity, salt corrosion, electrical power, surge and lightning testing and many other tests.  These tests were followed by on the water testing on the company boat, "FLIRtatious."  The reliability that our customers trust in the Navigator II is inherent in the M-Series.

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