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Furuno FMD1920C/NT Remote Radar Display


10.4 in. Color LCD

Furuno's exciting FMD1920C/NT is a compact and waterproof remote display designed to interface with Furuno radars. With its high-resolution 10.4" 256-color VGA LCD screens, the FMD1920C/NT provides a clear, sunlight-viewable radar image. It's ideal for workboats, powerboats and sailboats where a second waterproof radar display is needed.

Offering the same functions that are available on Furuno's 1834C/1904C NavNet vx2 radars, the FMD1920C/NT boast a long list of standard radar features, including the ability to display images in Head-up, Course-up, North-up or True Motion when connected to the proper heading & speed sensors. The FMD1920C/NT's 256-color display is able to show true color radar targets, which allows the user to determine the strength of the echoes by the different colors.

When connected as a full function remote, the FMD1920C/NT will perform optimally when the range scale is set to a similar range setting as the master radar. The FMD1920C/NT's display includes an integral, full-featured chart plotter that can be displayed full screen, split screen with the Radar, or Radar overlay to make navigating even easier. The FMD1920C/NT uses C-MapNT® MAX or cartography. In addition to the standard Course Plot mode on the Chart Plotter, a choice of Alphanumeric Nav Data, Steering Display and Highway modes are offered.

Radar, GPS, Network fish finder, Network weather facsimile - a multistation integrated navigation network, NavNet vx2 lets you build your navigation system according to your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art network technology, NavNet vx2 provides you with seamless data sharing and vast future expandability.

The heart of NavNet vx2 is its Ethernet-based network. Up to four displays, together with various navigational sensors, can be interconnected in addition to new MaxSea-NavNet navigational software, which adds even more features to your NavNet vx2 network. Stress-free navigation can be performed from any display unit connected to the onboard network, due to the high-speed transfer of data available.

  • All display units are capable of controlling any component connected to the NavNet network
  • Perfect for single or multi display installations
  • Fully supports C-Map NT® MAX chart.
  • Utilizes SD cards for chart and memory.
  • Fast chart drawing speed.
  • Straightforward "Plug 'n Play" installation with wizard style set-up.
  • AR-coated, high-brightness display unit for improved sunlight viewability.

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