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Furuno FR1525MK3


15 in. Color CRT 4, 6.5, or 8 ft. Open Array 96 n.m. 25 kW

When you are ready for the biggest and best multi-color X-Band marine radar
, demand a Furuno FR1525MK3. It has a 15 in. diagonal, high-resolution display that offers advanced video processing technology, improved radar
noise rejection and automatic clutter suppression for optimum long- and short-range target detection. The FR1525MK3 offers two operator preset function keys, F1 and F2, for the best possible picture.

When you choose the 25kW FR1525MK3, you will receive proven Furuno quality, reliability and performance. The FR1525MK3 offers range scales from 1/8 to 96 n.m., with a choice of 4, 6.5 and 8 ft. open array antennas available.

Properly configured, each of these systems meets the exacting standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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