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Furuno MFD12 NavNet 3D Multi Function Display


Furuno MFD12 NavNet 3D Chartplotter Radar Sonar Multi Function System uses Map Media charts on an 12 inch TFT display. NavNet3D, MFD 12 with preloaded NOAA charts, 3D NOAA data and satellite images. Furuno marine radars and fishfinders have led the marine industry for years. Now with the addition of the best chartplotter on the planet, the Furuno NavNet 3D system is the clear choice for all mariners.

Furuno has introduced the most advanced navigation system ever. These units have all of the USA built into their charts, including satellite imagery seamlessly stitched to charts. This is unsurpassed in the industry. The MFD12 is the flagship display for most vessels. Use the MFDBB for use with larger monitors if you have room.

Furuno's NavNet 3D is a groundbreaking new navigation system that breathes new life into the user interface. Once you start using NavNet 3D, you will be amazed at how a system so powerful can be so simple to use. NavNet 3D comes fully loaded with groundbreaking new features that will expand your navigational horizons

Chart scaling without limitation

NavNet 3D uses a cutting-edge technology we've named "Time Zero." Time Zero facilitates instant chart redraw, allowing for zooming in and out, changing chart display modes and other chart handling functions seamlessly and with no lag at all. Time Zero brings you a truly seamless navigation environment you have to experience to believe.

True 3D environment for a more instinctive chart presentation.
NavNet 3D incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with Full Time 3D chart rendering. You can choose a 2D top-down view of the navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates a traditional chart plotting presentation. Or, you can choose to pan and zoom the chart to any angle at any range scale you choose instantly. There is no '3D mode' to change into and no waiting at all, because NavNet 3D operates in this 3D environment full time. This variety of chart presentations helps to improve your situational awareness by giving you unprecedented control over your charting environment.

Satellite Photo Fusion.
Satellite photography can be fused with raster or vector chart information. Land areas (zero depth) are completely opaque, so that these areas are displayed as satellite photos on the chart. As the depth increases, the satellite photography becomes more transparent so that you will know where the shallows end and the deeper water starts.

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