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GeoNav GHRS1 Heading Sensor


 For optimum steering control, stabilize your autopilot, radar and chartplotter with Geonav's solid-state, three-axis heading sensor. Compatible with the MID 110 Multi-Instrument Display, the GHRS1 combines a digital compass, three-axis accelerometer and Rate Gyro to achieve one to two degrees of dynamic heading accuracy, even in the roughest of seas. Rapid, 10Hz update rate ensures exceptional dynamic position reference performance.

Dimensions 4.5in x 4.3in x 2.0in
Voltage Requirements 
12 VDC
Compass Accuracy
RMS When Level
RMS for Pitch and Roll Angles up to 30˚
RMS for Pitch and Roll Angles up to 45˚
Heading Display Resolution 0.1˚
Settling Time 1 second (adjustable)
Heading Data Output Update Rate
NMEA 0183 10Hz
NMEA 2000 Optional Cable) Up to 20Hz
Heading Variation Yes (w/ GPS interface)
Rate-of-Turn Range 0˚ to 70˚ per second
Rate-of-Turn Accuracy 1˚ per second
Rate-of-Turn Output Update Rate
NMEA 0183 2Hz
NMEA 2000 Up to 20Hz
Pitch and Roll Range ± 50˚
Pitch and Roll Accuracy <1˚
Pitch and Roll Display Resolution 0.1˚
Certifications and Standards CE, IPX6, RoHS, IEC60945
Pitch and Roll Data Output Update Rate
NMEA 0183 2Hz
NMEA 2000 Up to 20Hz
Operating Voltage 9 to 32 VDC
Supply Current 80mA max
Supply Power L800mW
NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number (LEN) 3
Data Output Protocols NMEA 0183 Sentence Structure (RS232 Level Output)$HCHDG (Heading, Deviation and Variation)$HCHDT (Heading Relative to True North)$TIROT (Rate of Turn) $YXXDR (Transducer Measurements: Vessel Attitude)
NMEA 2000 Supported PGNs 127250 (Vessel Heading)127251 (Rate of Turn) 127257 (Attitude)

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