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GeoNav GTX AIS Class B AIS Transceiver


 Take the guesswork out of navigating high-traffic channels or low-visibility seas with this state-of-the-art, Class B AIS transceiver. From your Integrated Multi-Function Display  or Multi-Function Display , you'll see key information transmitted by other AIS-equipped vessels within VHF range of your boat. Likewise, other vessels will be able to see the same information about your boat.


Display and track critical safety and navigation status of up to 100 AIS targets at once.


See name, location, type, length, beam, draft, cargo type, destination and estimated time of arrival of other AIS vessels. 


Easy-to-decipher graphics and text give you an instant understanding of your surroundings. 

Dimensions (LWH)
8.4in x 5.9in x 1.8in
Weight 1.5lbs
Power 9.6 to 15.6 VDC
Power Consumption 4W
Peak Current Rating 2amps
Internal GPS 16 channel IEC 61108-1 compliant
Interfaces RS232 38.4 kBaud bi-directional RS422 NMEA 38.4 kBaud bi-directional
VHF Transceiver Frequencies 156.025 to 162.025MHz in 25kHz steps
Output Power 33dBm ± 1.5dB
Channel Bandwidth 25kHz
Channel Step 25kHz
Modulation Modes 25kHz GMSK (AIS, TX and RX) 25kHz AFSK (DSC, RX only)
Bit Rate 9600 b/s ± 50ppm (GMSK) 1200 b/s ± 30ppm (FSK)
RX Sensitivity Less than -107dBm @ 20% PER Co-channel 10dB Adjacent Channel 70dB IMD 65dB Blocking 84dB
Waterproof Standards IP X7
Operating Temperature From -25 to +55 ˚C
LED Indicators Power, TX timeout, Error, Status
Operator Controls Single switch configurable to enable either Silent mode or safety related message
Voltage Requirements 12 VDC

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