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Hatteland Series 1 Display 15 inch



JH 15T17 MMD 

Connections include DVI-I in, RGB out, RGB in, IEC in, IEC out and USB I/O. Signal input/output can be increased with the HATTELAND® Multifunction Cable.

Series 1 15 Inch Data Sheet:


Manufacturer: Product: Type:

Hatteland Display AS 15.0 inch Maritime Multi Display (MMD) JH 15T17 MMD-xxx-Axxx

Last Revised: Revision#:

15 Mar 2011 17

15.0 inch Maritime Multi Display (MMD) - Series 1


The Series 1 Maritime Multi Display (MMD) uses fewer cable connections than the previous generation, which increases reliability whilst reducing component costs. All models can be delivered with either AC or DC input as standard and connections include DVI-I in, RGB out, RGB in, IEC inlet, IEC outlet and USB I/O.

Signal input/output options can be increased upon request by using the HATTELAND® Multifunction Connector, which allows the connection of many common signal types through a single cable connection, for common signals such as; Composite Video Input, Touch Screen and Serial Communication. The models provide Picture-By-Picture (PBP) and Picture-In-Picture (PIP) functionality.

Further, all models and variations can be offered with Optical Technology bonding that mitigates screen misting.


Custom logo label: WxH 181.66 x 44.16mm / 7.15" x 1.74" R4.10 - 4 places






Dimensions might be shown with or without decimals and indicated as mm [inches]. Tolerance on drawings is +/- 1mm. For accurate measurements, check relevant DWG file.

This information may not, in whole or in part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine- readable form without the prior written consent of Hatteland Display AS. The products may not be copied or duplicated in any way.

Hatteland Display AS, Åmsosen, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway Tel: (+47) 4814 2200 - -



TFT Technology:

• High Quality SHARP TFT • 15.0 inch viewable image size • Color Active Matrix LCD Module • a-Si Thin Film Transistor (TFT)

TFT Characteristics:

Note: All specifications are subject to change without prior notice!

Physical Considerations:

• 412.00 (W) x 345.00 (H) x 73.00 (D) mm • 16.22" (W) x 13.58" (H) x 2.87" (D) • Weight: 7 kg (approx)

• Pixel Number • Pixel Pitch (RGB) • Response Time • Contrast Ratio • Light Intensity • Viewable Angle • Active Display Area • Max Colors


Sync Signal:

: 1024 x 768 : 0.297 (H) x 0.297 (V) mm : 25 ms (typical), "black" to "white" : 400:1 (typical) : 250 cd/m2 (typical) : +/- 85 deg. (typical) (Up/Down/Left/Right) : 304.1 (H) x 228.1 (V) mm : 16.7 millions

Signal Terminals:

• DVI-I Signal IN • RGB Signal IN • RGB Signal OUT • Multifunction

• USB I/O • AC Power IN • AC Power OUT • DC Power IN

: 1 x 29p DVI Female (or as RGB IN with adapter) : 1 x 15p HD D-SUB (female) : 1 x 15p HD D-SUB (female) - Clone of RGB IN** : 1 x 160p D-SUB (female) - Also see table below

: 1 x TYPE B Conn. (female) Reserved for future use :1xStdIECInlet : 1 x Std IEC Outlet (5A Max) : 1 x 2p D-SUB Connector (male) - Amphenol FCC17

• Digital separate synchronisation • Composite synchronisation • Synchronisation on green. • Auto detects VGA -> WUXGA, interlaced and non interlaced • Video Signal : Analog RGB 0,7Vp-p

: Input Impedance 75 Ohm

Synchronisation Range:

• Horizontal : 15,0 kHz to 91,1 kHz • Vertical : 60 Hz* to 85 Hz * Recommended for optimum picture quality

Supported Signals:


Video Signals (with HATTELAND® Multifunction Cable):

• Interlaced NTSC and PAL/SECAM video • Composite video

**Tested at recommended resolutions. The RGB output signal is at same resolution and sync as the RGB input. The output is working even if the display unit is turned off, but power cable/supply must be connected/provided.

HATTELAND® Multifunction Cable:

The factory standard cable is delivered with the following connectors. Standard cable length is 30cm. Art: #1=VSD100692-4 / #2=VSD100692-3

• COM1 #1 • Composite Video IN

• COM1 #2 • Composite Video IN

• COM Touch

: 1 x 9p D-SUB (female) - RS232 : 3 x BNC (female)

: 1 x 9p D-SUB (female) - RS232 : 3 x BNC (female) : 1 x 9p D-SUB (female) - For touch screen

• VGA • SVGA • XGA • SXGA • UXGA • WUXGA * Recommended for optimum picture quality. (60 Hz only)

: 640 x 480 (including 640 x 350) : 800 x 600 (including 720 x 400) : 1024 x 768* : 1280 x 1024

Customized cables are possible to support more built-in signals, like: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422/RS-485, Buzzer, ON/OFF, Touch (RS-232 or PS/2), 1 x S-Video IN, 3 x Composite Video IN, Remote External User Controls, Alternative Keypad interface (i2c) and reserved for other signals. Custom cable lengths can be manufactured.

User Controls:

On front bezel - Keypad control (IP66) xxx-xxAx models:

• Power On/Off and On Screen Display Menu (push button) • Brightness Control (up/down - push buttons) • Hotkeys (left/right - push buttons) • Mode Status Red/Green Illuminated LED-Ring Indicator

On front bezel - Potmeter control (IP66) xxx-xxBx models:

• Power On/Off and On Screen Display Menu (push button) • Brightness Control (rotary control) • Hotkeys (left/right - push buttons) • Mode Status Red/Green Illuminated LED-Ring Indicator

• Speaker / Buzzer

Environmental Considerations:

: 1600 x 1200 : 1920 x 1200

Power Specifications:

Power Supply Options:

• 115&230VAC - 50/60Hz • 24 VDC

Power Consumption:

- JH 15T17 MMD-Axx-xxxx - JH 15T17 MMD-Dxx-xxxx

• Operating • Storage

• IP Rating • Compass Safe Dist.

: Temperature -15 deg. C to +55 deg. C - Humidity up to 95% : Temperature -20 deg. C to +60 deg. C - Humidity up to 95%

: EN60529 (IP66) (Applies for flush mount)

: JH15T17MMD-xxx-xxxx Std: 130cm Steering: 100cm

Operating : 100 W (max)

Typical Type Numbers:

• JH 15T17 MMD-AA1-AAAA = Standard AC, Keypad controls only • JH 15T17 MMD-DA1-AAAC = Standard DC & Capacitive Touch Screen • JH 15T17 MMD-AA1-AOBA = Standard AC, Bonded, Potmeter Controls, Buzzer

Buzzer-Potmeter-Keypad Keypad

MMD-xxx-xxBx MMD-xxx-xxAx

For a full overview, please review our typenumber sheet found on our website:

Safety Considerations:

Even although the test conditions for bridge units provide for a maximum operating temperature of 55°C, continuous operation of all electronic components should, if possible, take place at ambient temperatures of only 25°C. This is a necessary prerequisite for long life and low service costs.

Available Accessories:

• Cables = VSD100692-3, VSD100692-4 or customized cables. • JH 15TBR STD-B1 = Mounting Bracket (See user manual) • JH 15TRO STD-A1= Rotary Bracket (See user manual) • JH 15TSV STD-A1 = Sun Visor (See user manual)

• JH VESA 15T03-A1= Vesa Bracket (See user manual) • JH 15TAP STD-A1 = 15" Adapter Frame to 19" Rack (See user manual) • JH 15TAP STD-B1 = 15" Adapter Frame to 17" CRT cut out (See manual) • JH 15TWC STD-A1= Water Cover (See user manual)

Factory Options:

• Resistive* or Capacitive Touch Screen / Optical Technology Bonding* *Note that all 15 inch with resistive touch screens can not be combined with bonding.

T E S T I N G / A P P R O V A L S & C E R T I FI C A T E S

This product have been tested / type approved by the following classification societies: IEC 60945 4th (EN 60945:2002) ClassNK - Nippon Kaiji Kyokai GL - Germanischer Lloyd DNV - Det Norske Veritas

ABS - American Bureau of Shipping BV - Bureau Veritas CCS - China Classification Society LRS - Lloyd's Register of Shipping


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