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KVH TracVision HD7 24 Inch Satellite TV System


Buy the KVH TracVision HD7 24 inch Satellite TV System at Technical Marine Support Inc. along with all of your other marine electronics. Technical Marine Support Inc. offers complete support with all details of the KVH TracVision HD7 from specifications, prices and features to installation questions and usage. Look to Technical Marine Support Inc. for all of your fishing, boating and marine electronics needs.

KVH TracVision HD7 Satellite TV System receives HDTV from DIRECTV® Direct TV High Definition in motion dish antenna, tracking 3 satellites simultaneously without satellite switching! 24 inches in diameter, and built to high standards, this unit performs in rough sea conditions.

This is satellite TV at sea like you've never seen before – KVH's new 24" TracVision HD7 is a breakthrough in maritime satellite TV design, bringing high-definition programming from DIRECTV® to your boat the same way you enjoy it at home. The TracVision HD7 simultaneously tracks DIRECTV's Ka- and Ku-band satellites, enables use of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and offers the best tracking ever from KVH thanks to patent pending technology including:
KVH's Tri-Rod Antenna Design (TriAD™) technology1
An inspired development in compact antenna design, the TracVision HD7 antenna simultaneously receives broadcasts from three DIRECTV satellites. These signals are concentrated by the tuned subreflector before reaching KVH's unique tri-rod dielectric feed, resulting in reception as good as a home dish and outstanding tracking of programming broadcast by Ka- and Ku-band satellites, even as you cruise offshore.

Watch, Record, and Replay with Full DVR Capability
Not only can everyone watch what they want on whatever TV they want, you can now watch your favorite DIRECTV programming whenever you want, thanks to true DVR support.

IP-enabled Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and iPhone® App
KVH's new Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled ACU, with its Ethernet connection, built-in WiFi interface, and USB port, makes system setup as easy as opening a web browser and maintenance as simple as plugging in a USB thumb drive. And with the exclusive KVH iPhone App, you can check signal strength, switch to secondary satellites, download antenna software updates, and send information directly to KVH technical support right from your phone!

Simultaneous tracking of DIRECTV's primary Ka- and Ku-band satellites for uninterrupted reception of HD and standard-definition TV.
KVH's Single-Wire Multiswitch enables installation of up to 8 HD receivers or 4 HD DVRs with a single RF cable; identical mounting design as KVH's TracVision 6/G6 and M7, making upgrades a breeze
Rack-mountable, IP-enabled ACU with USB port and iPhone App make installation and maintenance a snap
Enhanced tracking algorithms and stainless steel bearing construction for the best performing antenna KVH has ever built
Optional Ka/Ku-band Tri-Americas LNB eliminates the need to change antenna hardware when switching between DIRECTV HD and DIRECTV Latin America

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