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Raymarine (M260) Urethane Broadband 7 Element In Hull Transducer 1KW


(M260) Cast Urethane Broadband 7 Element Transducer unit, 1KW with In-Hull Mounting Kit

M260 1000 watt ultra high performance depth only transducer for in-hull applications Dual Frequency 200/50 kHz. Includes in-hull mounting kit.

Compatible with the following sounder modules:

Compatible hull material: fiberglass

Max Power: 1000 watts

Frequency: 200/50 kHz

The the M260 can "shoot through the hull", and delivers outstanding performance with all the advantages of an in-hull design–no hole in the boat or cavitation to the propeller. The the M260 will read clearly at high speeds, as flow turbulence noise isn't an issue. The M260 packs an 88mm (3.5") ceramic at 200kHz, and seven dedicated elements operating at 50kHz.

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