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Maretron MBB100 Black Box Vessel Monitoring and Control



MBB100 - Black Box Vessel Monitoring and Control

Maretron's Black Box (MBB100) is a dedicated processing unit that comes preloaded with Maretron's N2KView vessel monitoring and control software. Unlike a PC that allows any software to be loaded, the MBB100 runs only N2KView® software making it extremely stable and dedicated to monitoring and controlling your vessel.

The MBB100 connects to a monitor through a VGA connector and associated touch screen through a USB or serial port connection. Alternatives to controlling the N2KView® software through a touch screen include keyboards, mice, or track balls connected through USB. The MBB100 has an Ethernet port for communicating with an NMEA 2000® network through Maretron's Internet Protocol Gateway (IPG100). Although the MBB100 comes pre-installed with the N2KView® software, a separately purchased license plugged into the IPG100 is required (see IPG100 page for more details). The Ethernet port is also used for connecting Internet Protocol (IP) cameras for viewing within the N2KView® software.

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