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Maretron N2KView Monitoring Software


Whether you are interested in monitoring your vessel's systems while underway or remotely from your home or office, Maretron's N2KView® software displays the information you need. What would you view? N2KView® lets you see AC Parameters, Barometer, DC Parameters, Depth, Engine, Fuel Management, GPS, Gensets, Heading, Humidity, Navigation, Rudder Angle, Tank Levels, Time & Date, Wind Speed and Direction, and more. How do you want to see it? What makes N2KView® different from its competitors is the configuration of the screens. The User has complete control of the number of screens, the layout of each screen, and the size and type of each Control. You customize each display exactly the way you want it. New From version 2.6, N2KView®, you may now graph almost any parameter that you can display on a gauge, plus minimum and maximum markers have been added to gauges and bar graphs. A new Alert and Control has been added to monitor the vessel's position and detect when the anchor is dragging. N2KView is completely user-configurable and you are free to design different screens to your exact needs while easily switching from screen to screen for monitoring all your systems. Digital displays, analog gauges, graphic displays, warning lights, bar graphs, all can be configured exactly how you want them to be. You can even set the operating limits and color bands for analog gauges so you know when things are within limits and when they are not. Once you connect a PC to the NMEA 2000® network using the Maretron USB100 gateway (N2KView Server), you can connect other PCs or handhelds (N2KView Clients) using conventional technology like Ethernet or Wi-Fi for remote viewing of things like tank levels up on deck while fueling, or for monitoring the vessel's location anywhere in the world using an Internet connection back to the boat. N2KView comes in two versions:
1) N2KView Platinum (Part Number – N2KView-SCP) – Viewing, Alarms (text, email, and control), Cameras, Logging, and Switching
2) N2KView Basic (Part Number – N2KView-SC) – Viewing Only minus Fuel Management

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