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NDCS 28x Optical Zoom Day & Night Camera



The perfect camera for police, fire & rescue, surveillance, and inspections applications!

Featuring a day/night function that automatically adjusts for changing light conditions, combined with an extremely wide field of view, this camera does everything you could ask of it and more!

This camera is so versatile it can be used in conferencing, low-light surveillance, underground pipe inspections (oil and gas lines, etc.), and numerous other applications limited only by your own imagination.


  • Compact, lightwieght design. 
    Easily adaptable to restricted space environments.
  • Portable!
    It can easily be removed and stowed
    when not in use.
  • Rugged construction! 
    Encased in a sealed aluminum housing,(sealed to IP67 standards), splash proof 
    and damage resistant, making it very 
    durable and water-tight for 
    on-water police and fire & rescue applications.
Works wherever a zoom camera is needed, including: 


       Fire boats 
       Police Boats
       Rescue Craft

       Search & Recuse

Product overview:
  • Excellent picture quality, high-resolution images. 
    Optimized to work in very low light- down to .025 lux, for high image quality
  • The Day/Night function allows optimal shooting sensitivity in changing light conditions.
  • Slow AE Response Function
    Ideal for abrupt lighting condition changes!
  • The powerful 10x zoom lens combines with a 12x digital zoom to provide great magnification.
  • Temperature range: -10C to +40C (14F to 104F)
  • Video outputs to any standard monitor.
  • Standard ram mount and 20' cable provided.

Unlimited applications for this camera!

The ideal zoom camera for police work including surveillance, fire & rescue operations, teleconferencing, inspections- you name it, this camera can do it!

Key benefits:

Versatility of application- use it anywhere you need a zoom camera.

Sophisticated functions such as advanced privacy zone masking, motion detection, and multi-line on-screen displays.

Reasonably priced to fit every budget!

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