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NDCS Sea Snake Ultra-low Lux Camera with IR Illuminators



See clearly even in total darkness!

Equipped with an 8mm lens to give you a very wide field of view, and illuminators that see out to 100 feet, this new ultra low lux night vision camera is a safety device no vessel should be without!

This camera allows you to see even in total darkness!

No longer will you have to stare out a window trying to see what's out there! No more guesswork about those targets your radar is showing you. This camera will show you what's out there, regardless of visibility or weather conditions!


  • Small & compact! 
    Easily adaptable to any vessel. 
    Doesn't block your line of sight.
  • Portable!
    It can easily be removed and stowed
    when your vessel is in the slip
    or in storage,
  • Rugged construction! 
    Encased in a sealed aluminum housing,(sealed to IP67 standards), splash proof 
    and damage resistant, making it very 
    durable and water-tight for 
    on-deck mounting locations.
Works for ALL types of vessels

Product overview:
  • Provides crisp, clear images in total darkness conditions.
  • 8 mm lens provides a wide field of view.
  • Built-in IR illuminators see out to 100 feet.
  • Temperature range: -10C to +40C (14F to 104F)
  • Video outputs to any standard monitor.
  • Standard ram mount and 20' cable provided.

No need to be afraid of the dark!

Get a crisp, clear image of anything on the water! The IR illuminators allow the camera to provide images as far as 100 feet away.

Key benefits:

Operate your vessel safely even in total darkness! 
Avoid hazards such as boats that are running or anchored without lights. 
SEE floating logs and other debris, harbor or marker buoys, etc. 
Safely navigate in unfamiliar waters or marinas, or find your own slip in the darkness.

Priced to fit every budget!

This camera is an affordable alternative to much higher priced infra-red cameras, putting this camera within the budget of almost everyone!

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