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Octopus Rudder Feedback Module- Autohelm-Raymarine Kit


 The Rudder Feedback unit's come in two types. The universal RFB unit (OC15SUK06) has small switches making it generic to all major Autopilot manufacturers.

The standard RFB unit's (OC15SUK06A – OC15SUK06H) are dedicated to a particular manufacturer.

Both types are attached directly to the drive unit for simple installation

NoteDue to Simrad pilots requiring a special RFB interface we offer a Simrad drive version, which includes the RFB unit and interface. Contact Octopus Distributor for information.

Complete Installation

RFB Module

Octopus makes various drive units to use in conjunction with these Rudder Feedback Modules.

There is a Type S , Type T, Type R, or the Type RS Drive Units or the Octopus Complete Drive System for Simrad or Generic.

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