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Octopus Type T Tilt Shaft Drive Unit Without Rudder Feedback



Type T - Straight shaft tilt version for mounting behind the dash with a steering wheel tilt facility         

The Tilt drive allows the steering wheel angle to be adjusted in relationship to the dash. The drive requires the Tilt Mechanism. Click on Installation guide for more information.

(tilt mechanism omitted)

  • Retro Fits to Most Cable Steered Vessel

  • Easily Adaptable to S1 Autopilots

  • The Only Viable Option When Adding an Autopilot to a Cable Steered Vessel

  • Affordable, Reliable, Seamless-behind the Dash Installation

  • 2 Year Limited Warrant

    Rudder Feedback Modules are available for this drive unit.

    The Rudder Feedback unit's come in two types. The universal RFB unit (OC15SUK06) has small switches making it generic to all major Autopilot manufacturers.

    The standard RFB unit's (OC15SUK06A – OC15SUK06H) are dedicated to a particular manufacturer.

    RFB for Autohelm-Raymarine

    RFB for TFX-Morse

    RFB for Simrad (Robertson)

    RFB for Furuno

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