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Raymarine P79 Plastic Adjustable in-hull depth transducer


P79 Adjustable In-Hull Transducer
P79 600 Watt adjustable angle in-hull transducer. Dual Frequency 200/50 kHz
Compatible with the following sounder modules • DSM30DSM300
Compatible hull material: fiberglass
Max Power: 600 watt
Frequency: 200/50 kHz
Features: • Depth only. • Can be used in conjunction with the E66019 ST69 speed and temperature sensor • Easily adjusts to any deadrise angle up to 22° • Transmits sound waves directly at the bottom so strong echoes are reflected back to the transducer • Can be removed in seconds for servicing or storage • Only the base piece is bonded to the hull. There is no adhesive layer under the transducer face to absorb sound energy • Simplifies in-hull installation
Cable: 30ft (10m) Cable

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