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Raymarine DSM400 Digital Sounder Module


Raymarine's new DSM400 is the ultimate weapon in the hunt for fish, delivering the power and performance serious anglers demand.

DSM400 is armed with 4 independent digital sonar
transceivers supporting simultaneous multifrequency operation. Transmitting with up to 3 kilowatts of power on 28, 38, 50 kHz and 2 kilowatts on 200 kHz, the DSM400 takes our patented HD Digital technology to a whole new level.

With the DSM400 you can enjoy truly hands-free operation. Adaptive HD Digital technology automatically adjusts sonar
parameters to changing sea conditions, virtually eliminating clutter and precisely targeting fish and bottom structure with unprecedented clarity. The DSM400 also provides auto adaptive control of sensitivity, ping rate and transmit power.

Thanks to HD Digital Technology, experienced anglers can easily identify individual species of fish and their habitat at a glance. The adaptive digital receiver of the DSM400 enables anglers to easily distinguish bait fish from larger species. When combined with the G-Series display, bottom structure and target detail are delivered in native resolutions up to 1280 × 1024 pixels.

For maximum performance a wide range of professional grade transducers are available for the DSM400. Choose external mount or high-performance in-hull transducers. Optional speed and temperature sensors are also available.

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