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Raymarine T400 Thermal Night Vision Camera w/ Low Light Video



NEW! Thermal Night Vision Cameras from Raymarine

Navigating at night just got easier thanks to Raymarine's T400 Thermal Night Vision camera system.

Engineered with FLIR thermal imaging technology, the T400 camera allow boaters to navigate safely and confidently- seeing obstructions, buoys and other vessels in total darkness.   Designed for simple operation, the T400 thermal navigation camera can be fully integrated with Raymarine's E-Series Widescreen or G-Series multifunction navigation systems.  Complete camera control and viewing is now part of brand new thermal camera application within the E-Series Widescreen and G-Series user interface.  This seamless integration allows you easy access to thermal camera imagery alongside chartplotter, fishfinder and radar navigation displays.   

A Powerful Navigation Tool

The T400 Thermal Night Vision Camera is a powerful tool for navigation safety both day and night.  The camera's thermal or low-light images can be displayed in either full screen, or in a window alongside other navigation data like electronic charting and radar.   Navigation aids or hazards identified on the chart display can be visually sighted and confirmed even in total darkness.  The integrated pan-tilt-zoom control allows you to direct the camera towards radar and AIS targets, improving overall situational awareness. 

Raymarine Multifunction Display Integration

The T400 camera integrates seamlessly with E-Series Widescreen Multifunction Navigation displays and G-Series Command Center navigation system.  Using SeaTalkhs networking, the camera's pan, tilt and zoom controls can be actuated by touch screen (E-Series Widescreen) or using the MFD's keypad and rotary controls (E-Series Widescreen or G-Series.)  A convenient Thermal Imaging application is available right from the MFD's home screen.  The application can be displayed full-screen, or in a window alongside other navigation data like electronic charts or radar.  Best of all, the camera system's controls are available at any E-Series Widescreen or G-Series display on the boat, giving captains the ability to navigate with thermal imagery from the main helm or a remote navigation station.  The T400's pan, tilt and zoom controls are also compatible the E-Series Widescreen HybridTouch user interface.  Use the E-Series Widescreen's touchscreen for effortless panning and tilting of the camera.  Thanks to HybridTouch technology you can also control the camera with the track pad, rotary controller and soft keys when seas are rough. 

Improved Safety

Thermal navigation cameras make boating at night safer with crystal clear video display of unseen objects in the dark.  The T400 camera makes identifying buoys, floating debris, rocks and other vessels easy.  Using a thermal camera for navigation is as simple as watching TV!  

Night time navigation can be stressful situation.  Thermal cameras empower you with the ability to see at night and navigate with confidence, making time on the water more enjoyable.  Daytime navigation is also enhanced with thermal technology.  Thermal cameras are not affected by the glare of sun, making finding buoys or objects obscured by the sun's glare easier.

Thermal imaging especially shines in search-and-rescue and security applications for spotting man-overboard victims or unwanted visitors.  Thermal imaging can find persons in the water faster than any other night vision technology. 

Daylight and Low Light Video Too

In addition to its thermal imager, the T400 is also equipped with a high resolution ultra low light video camera too.  Available day or night, the video camera gives you a crystal clear view of objects around the boat.  The addition of the low light video camera gives you an advantage during twilight conditions, and in areas where some ambient light is available such as in marinas and harbor entrances.   

Superior FLIR Technology and Optics

The Raymarine T400 Thermal Night Vision Camera System features a 320 x 240 pixel thermal imager. This gives the T400 great detail and long detection range. The T400 uses the new FLIR Tau imaging core for best-in-class sensitivity and clarity. 

The T400 offers a 2x electronic zoom on the thermal imager for enlarging distant or small contacts.   It also supports white-hot, black-hot, red-hot, and color imaging too.  Selectable color options let you optimize the image for best viewing under any lighting condition.

The T400 is housed in a compact and rugged, marine-grade enclosure with 360° pan and 90° tilt capability.  Designed for seamless integration with Raymarine multifunction displays, the camera's position and orientation can be controlled directly from the HybridTouch user interface of E-Series Widescreen multifunction display.  The camera can also be controlled using the keyboard and track pad, or an optional remote Joystick Control Unit (JCU.)

T400 Thermal Night Vision Camera System Features

  • Dual sensor camera system for maximum flexibility
    • Thermal imager with 320 x 240 resolution, 2X electronic zoom
    • Integrated low-light video camera for crystal clear daylight and twilight viewing 
  • Waterproof, IPX6 rated pan and tilt enclosure
  • 360° continuous panning and +/- 90° tilt for uninterrupted horizon-to-horizon viewing.
  • Dual video outputs with fixed thermal and selectable thermal/lowlight video enable output to multiple displays or monitors
  • Automatic window heaters keep thermal and video optics free of ice in cold temperatures
  • "Ball-up" or "Ball-down" mounting for flexible installation
  • Programmable "Home" position returns the camera to a designated position with 1 touch
  • Automatic parking mode returns the camera home and shields lenses when switched off
  • Surveillance mode automatically scans in front of the vessel or in a designated zone.
  • On-screen icons for camera orientation, configuration and status
  • Optional SeaTalkhs Joystick Control Units (JCU) allow camera control from anywhere onboard

Thermal Imaging Features

  • 320 x 240 pixel thermal imager with 2X electronic zoom
  • 9Hz refresh rate
  • FLIR Tau imaging core for best-in-class sensitivity and detail
  • Patent pending FLIR Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) lets the camera see more in the most challenging conditions
  • Selectable white-hot or black hot video for optimal viewing day or night
  • 3 user-selectable thermal color palettes
  • 2x electronic zoom for enhanced viewing of small or distant targets
  • Selectable day running, night running, night docking and man overboard modes

Low Light Video Camera Features

  • High resolution video camera with daylight and extreme lowlight capability
  • 100 microlux minimum illumination for outstanding performance in near darkness
  • 768 h x 494 v lines of resolution for superior detail and clarity

Multifunction Display Integration Features

  • Complete camera control and viewing directly from E-Series Widescreen or G-Series user interface – no extra controls or external monitors required
  • Touch screen camera control (with E-Series Widescreen)
    • Intuitively pan and tilt the camera image with simple touch of the E-Series Widescreen display
    • HybridTouch technology offers the convenience of touch screen camera control or full keypad control for when seas are rough
  • New thermal camera application for E-Series and G-Series Systems.  Access the thermal camera from the home screen
  • See thermal images in full screen or navigate with thermal images in a window alongside  chartplotter, radar and fishfinder applications
  • Simple SeaTalkhs networking and composite video output for easy integration with Raymarine MFD systems.
T400 Thermal Night Vision Camera with Low Light Video Specifications
Thermal Imaging Specifications
  Sensor Type 320 x 240 Vox microbolometer FLIR Tau Imaging Core
  Field of View 25° x 15° (NTSC)
  Focal Length 35mm
  Electronic Zoom 2X
  Image Processing FLIR Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
  Refresh Rate 9Hz
  Imaging Core FLIR Tau
Lowlight Imaging Specifications
  Detector Type 1/2" interline transfer CCD
  Lines of Resolution 768 (H) x 494 (V)
  Minimum Illumination 100 micro-lux (@ f/1.4)
Weights and Dimensions
  Size 7" diameter. 11.2" high
  Weight 9 pounds
  Pan Coverage 360° continuous pan
  Tilt Coverage +/- 90°
  Video Output NTSC
  Connector Types BNC with BNC to RCA adapater included for video out
  Number of outputs 2 1 fixed thermal output, 1 selectable thermal/visible
  Networking SeaTalkHS Ethernet
  Cable Lengths 18" Pigtails For power, SeaTalkHS Ethernet and Video.
  Voltage Range 12V DC to 24V DC (-10%/+30%)
  Power Consumption 25W nominal; 50W maximum
  Operating temperature range -25°C to +55°C
  Storage temparature range -40°C to +85°C
  Automatinc Window Defrost Standard
  Sand/Dust MIL-STD-810E
  Water Ingress IPX6
  Shock 15 g vertical, 9 g horizontal
  Vibration IEC 60945; MIL-STD-810E
  Lightning Protection Standard
  Salt Mist IEC60945
  Wind 100 knots (115.2 mph)
  EMI IEC 60945; MIL-STD-810E
  Warranty Coverage 2 Years

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