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Raymarine T470SC Stabilized Color Thermal Camera w/JCU Kit 9Hz


 T470SC Professional Thermal Camera

The choice of professional mariners, the T470SC offers premium imaging performance combined with state of the art 2 axis gyro 
stabilization. The T470SC is equipped with a high resolution 640 x 480 thermal sensor and a full color low light video camera for 
real world views and enhanced situational awareness in all conditions.

  • Active gyro-stabilization provides steady imagery when  seas are rough 
  • Extreme low light color visible camera with 10x zoom is ideal for positively identifying targets in low light conditions
  • Extended range performance - The T470SC's 35mm thermal lens can detect small vessels from over 2 nautical miles away, giving you more time to see and avoid 

            High resolution (VGA)                         Extreme Low Light
                Thermal Image                                    Color Camera

Multifunction Display Integration

T-Series cameras are designed to seamlessly integrate with E-Series Widescreen multifunction navigation displays and G-Series navigation systems. A convenient thermal camera application is available right from the MFD's home screen. The application can be displayed full-screen, or in a window alongside other navigation data like electronic charts or radar.

Intuitively pan and tilt the camera image with a simple touch of 
the E-Series Widescreen display. HybridTouch™ technology offers 
the convenience of touch screen camera control or full keypad
control for when seas are rough.

Thermal Night vision Technology

Everything in the world emits infrared thermal radiation, better known as heat.  Raymarine thermal night vision cameras, using FLIR thermal imaging technology detect this heat, and display it as a video image on E-Series Widescreen or G-Series multifunction displays. 
By detecting the minute temperature differences across a scene, thermal imaging cameras deliver a highly detailed image of the environment, day or night, even in 100% total darkness.

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