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Simrad AP2403 Autopilot Inboard System, RPU80 pump


Technical Marine recommends Simrad autopilots as the best choice. With two autopilot control heads to choose from, the AP24 and AP28, and two autopilot computers to choose from, the AC12 and the AC42. Depending on which autopilot drive unit you need, you may need the bigger brain box. Both are capable of supplying ground for solenoid operation.

Compact design, fully featured…

The all new AP24 combines space saving design with state of the art auto steering , making it the perfect choice when space is at a premium. A new SimNet plug & play network, provides simplified installation and enhanced integration with other Simrad products.

• Complete set of Turn Patterns – including Depth Contour Tracking, programmable S-turn, Zig-Zag, Continuous turn, Square patterns and many more.
• Improved steering algorithms – full Rate Of Turn (ROT) control provides smooth and precise turns in any condition and improves tack and gybe performance on sailboats.
• No Drift Course – Maintain set Course Over Ground even in severe wind and current conditions.

Installation & Integration
The AP24 utilizes the Simrad Intelligent Marine Network – SimNet, which features plug and play operation and Slim Line connectors for easy cable routing, so you'll be up and running in very little time. The ability to 'daisy chain' SimNet instruments in any order allows you to use the most efficient cable runs possible when installing the equipment.

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