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Simrad AP2802 Autopilot Inboard System- No Pump


Technical Marine recommends Simrad autopilots as the best choice. With two autopilot control heads to choose from, the AP24 and AP28, and two autopilot computers to choose from, the AC12 and the AC42. Depending on which autopilot drive unit you need, you may need the bigger brain box. Both are capable of supplying ground for solenoid operation.

Simrad AP28 Autopilot
Powerful, fully featured…

  • Complete set of Turn Patterns – including Depth Contour Tracking, programmable S-turn, Zigzag, Continuous turn, Square patterns and many more.
  • Improved steering algorithms – full Rate of Turn (ROT) control provides smooth and precise turns in any condition and improves tack and gybe performance on sailboats.
  • No Drift Course – Maintain set Course over Ground even in severe wind and current conditions.

State of the art display and control functions and advanced SimNet networking, makes the all new Simrad AP28 Autopilot the perfect autopilot for larger power and sail boats.

Simrad AP28 Autopilot control unit features a large LCD display and operation via the brand new interface is intuitive to say the least. This simple display and control setup gives you access to a raft of features and performance options.

Installation & Integration
Two new autopilot computers provide substantially more drive current than previous generations and incorporate our new SimNet plug and play sensor technology.

New SimNet compass and rudder sensor, are easier than ever to install; because you no longer have to run dedicated cables back to the autopilot computer. Instead the new SimNet sensors conveniently connect via the SimNet backbone.

The advanced nature of the SimNet network insures the compass and rudder data is automatically routed back to the Simrad AP28 autopilot, plus any other SimNet compatible instruments, such as Simrad IS20 Instruments Compass and Rudder displays.

SimNet also features Slim Line connectors for easy cable routing, so you'll be up and running in very little time.

Virtual Rudder Feedback
This unique feature, recently introduced to Simrad autopilots means that no rudder feedback unit is needed for outboards and stern drive boats. In terms of installation, you will save a huge amount of time and aggravation thanks to this sophisticated new feature.

Automatic Tuning
Simrad AP28 Autopilot include a number of self calibrating features that automatically compensate for the unique handling characteristics of your boat and sea conditions, insuring optimum performance without the need for expert manual calibration.

Simrad engineering ensures that you can always go to sea in the confi dence that your Autopilot is pin-point accurate and highly reliable. The AP28 boasts state of the art technology so you know you'll be safe, you know you'll hit your way points and you know that you'll arrive on time. But what about en-route? What can the Simrad AP28 Autopilot do for you?

Contour Steering
This unique Simrad feature utilizes data from your fi shfi nder or depth instrument to maintain a set water depth, just as if you were manually steering your boat along depth contours on a paper chart. This leaves you free to concentrate on the big catch, enjoy the shoreline view or trim your sail.

Integrated Turn Patterns
When fishing or looking for a wreck, you might choose from a variety of automatic steering patterns that can help you in your search.

Advanced Wind Steering
The AWS feature provides unbeatable autopilot performance for any sailing vessel. AWS is ideal for single-handed sailing or racing. Utilizing wind and GPS data simultaneously, it is possible to hit long distance waypoints dead-on, without deviating from the original course line or build-up of signifi cant cross track error.

Rate Of Turn Control
Simrad AP28 Autopilot is equipped with advanced control algorithms that enable smooth and precise turns regardless of sea conditions. This feature also improves tack and gybe performance on sailboats.

Data Pages
Simrad AP28 Autopilot include a number of data pages where you can view autopilot parameters such as compass heading, set course, rudder position, as well as information received from other SimNet compatible equipment such as GPS navigation data and Simrad IS20 marine Instruments wind, depth and speed data.

Multi-Station Operation
Expanded multi-station compatibility offers several control options including use of Simrad AP24 Autopilot control unit. Any future autopilot control units will also work thanks to the SimNet system.

Control Options
Simrad offers a range of extra display and control optionsfor the AP28
• AP28 Control Unit
• AP24 Control Unit
• IS20 RUDDER Display
• IS20 COMPASS Display
• JS10 NFU-Joystick
• R3000X NFU Remote Control
• AT10 NMEA 0183 to SimNet converter(s)
• WR20 Wireless Remote Control

The Brains Behind the Brawn
The new compact AC12 & AC42 autopilot computers are more powerful than ever and include all of the control functions expected from a Simrad autopilot. Both models are compatible with Hydraulic and Mechanical steering systems.

Display Type
Transfl ective matrix LCD display
Display Resolution
172 mm \ 6.8 in
115 mm \ 4.5 in
48 mm \ 1.9 in

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