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Simrad IS20 Rudder Instrument


Simrad IS20 Rudder

The Simrad IS20 analog instruments provide classic style easy to read needle pointers and center mounted high contrast LCD display, combined with precise Micro Stepper-Motor technology and 4 control buttons, makes the Simrad IS20 Analog instruments exceptionally precise and easy to use.

The Simrad IS20 Rudder Instrument provides precise readout of rudder angle which makes it invaluable when docking your boat or use it to trim your boat to the least rudder resistance while sailing. The Simrad IS20 Rudder System includes the Rudder display and rudder angle sensor.

Additionally the instrument is capable of displaying compass heading and cross track error when connected to the Simrad IS20 Compass system or a SimNet compatible autopilot

Red or white backlight

All Simrad IS20 instrument dials and buttons are illuminated for dusk and night operation. Get great viewing clarity in low light or dusk conditions by selecting the white illumination. Keep your night vision intact by selecting the red backlight at night.


Display Resolution
130 × 104 (H x W)
Display Type
Backlit LCD 4.5 inch matrix display


114 mm \ 4.5 in
114 mm \ 4.5 in
44 mm \ 1.7 in
3 kg \ 6.61 lbs


Power Supply
12 V, 0.11A (1.3 W) vDC


Compass Safe Distance
300 mm \ 11.8 in
Operating Temperature
0 to 55 °C (32 to +130 °F)
Operating Temperature Stored
–30 to +70 °C (–22 to +158 °F)

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