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Raymarine ST70, SmartPilot X-10 Type 1 Linear System for sailboats


Perfect for small hydraulically steered fishing and cruising powerboats, the ST70 SmartPilot X-10 Hydraulic Autopilot system is the perfect all-in-one-box autopilot solution.

The system features the ST70 color autopilot controller.  The ST70 Autopilot Control brings the convenience and flexibility of sunlight viewable display technology to autopilots. Featuring a high resolution, 3.5" TFT LCD display with 320 × 240 pixels, the ST70 Autopilot Controller's intuitive menu and icon driven interface and simple pushbutton controls make operation simple and straightforward. In addition to its high-visibility numerical readouts, the ST70 Autopilot Controller also takes advantage of its color capabilities with graphical autopilot displays and day/night color palettes.

The ST70 Autopilot Control features our next generation SeaTalkng data bus for connection to SmartPilot X-Series autopilot core packs, ST70 instruments, and also NMEA 2000 compatible devices. Fully waterproof (CFR46) and engineered for the rigors of the marine environment, the ST70 Autopilot Controller can be easily surface mounted or flush mounted, matching the profile of ST60+ and ST70 instruments, as well as Raymarine Multifunction Displays and marine monitors.

Engineered for boats with 12 or 24 Volt DC electrical systems, the SmartPilot X-10 corepack is the "brains" of your Raymarine modular pilot system. The SmartPilot X-10 corepack features an integrated rate-gyro processor as standard equipment. The rate gyro, combined with Raymarine's exclusive AST (Advanced Steering Technology) software algorithms ensure razor-sharp course keeping under any sea conditions. The SmartPilot X-10 also offers the convenience of rudder reference-less operation as well as data connections for SeaTalk, SeaTalkNG, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 giving the SmartPilot X-10 unprecedented connectivity.

Using SeaTalkNG networking, connect your SmartPilot X-10 to the ST70 Color Autopilot Controller and Raymarine instruments.  Convenient Auto-tack and dodge features make this system the ideal crewmember for short-handed sailing.

Finally, the muscle of this system is our Type 1 Linear Drive system.  Designed for mechanically steered vessels up to 24,000 lbs. displacement (11,000 kg) the linear drive unit provides smooth, reliable course keeping under almost any conditions.

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